FAQs About Our Fast House Sales Service

We believe we have an option to suit any home seller’s needs. The best thing to find out more is to fill out our online form. Remember selling with us is void of all fees, and we buy properties in all conditions and locations.

Many sellers have similar questions and the following list may give you the answers you are seeking.

Q. Is my property in an area covered by you?

A. Provided your property is located within the Mainland UK, which incorporates England, Wales and Scotland, we are interested in buying your property.

Q. Do you really purchase with real cash?

A. Yes, we deal with 100% real cash and can provide you with proof of funds.

Q. Which fees will I have to pay?

A. During the selling process, you will not be asked at any time to pay fees. All fees are covered 100% by us.

Q. How much will I receive for my home?

A. The amount you receive will depend on which selling solution you go for. We have an option designed specifically for those who want to sell very quickly, where we offer a 100% cash deal with the sale going through in as little as seven days and no payable fees. For this service. We generally pay around 75% of the true market value.

Q. Can you help me with storage while I arrange my move?

A. Yes, we have self storage in London facilities where we can store your items for up to several months.

For those who have more time on their hands, we offer the possibility of passing your property to a partner estate agent who will typically sell your house within 70 days. Using this option you will achieve between 90 and 100% of the market value.

Alternatively, you can opt for our service which will give you up to 85% of the current market value with a cash advance, and a period of about eight weeks until full completion.

It takes less than 20 seconds to fill out our form, and it’s completely free. So do it right NOW and your property could be sold in as little as seven days!


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